CodeRcar is in active development. As such, things will change, as the kit is incrementally improved over time.

Little releases (0.0.x) change small details, and sometimes involve new printed parts, updates to non-model files, or non-dramatic changes to existing parts. These might be minor/cosmetic/optional updates, and may also include documentation updates (like changes to this website).

Whenever a big release happens (0.x.0) it means there has been a drastic change in how the kit works, which sometimes means parts need to be re-printed in order to upgrade the kit. For the most part, though, big releases involve the addition of new content.

Finally, at some point, Version 1.0.0 is due to be released (probably in Q3 2019). Version 1 will be the full production release; after it, all changes will be minor improvements that shouldn’t change much.

The following changes are due in the next big release:

  • Setup Tutorial for macOS/Linux
  • Programming Setup for an HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Programming Setup for an MPU6050 Accelerometer/Gyro/Thermometer Sensor
  • Programming Setup for the Nokia 5110 LCD Screen
  • Version Française

All content on this site is CC-BY-SA 4.0. Do with it what you will, but link back to this page, and if you publicly-release any content based on this page’s resources, be sure to license that content as CC-BY-SA 4.0, as well.

All resources on this site are provided for informational purposes only. Anything you do because of what you read on this site is at your own risk, and I am not responsible for whatever happens because you accessed this site.

CodeRcar is an open-source project, released AS-IS, with no warranty (expressed or implied).

Have fun; learn something; be safe.

Sincerely, Matthew Piercey - Owner of Bot-In-a-Box Educational Robotics