CodeRcar has been carefully designed to allow for simple, straightforward assembly.

However, being a DIY kit, it’s impossible to account for all the variables present - including the skill and experience of the builders, the exact dimensions of parts used, the settings, machines, and materials with which the kit was printed, the tools used, and the amount of care taken. Thus, what should work might not work as well as you’d think. Again, CodeRcar has been designed with extremely lenient tolerances, so even a poor or draft quality print should have the same basic dimensions as one printed with the lowest layer height, the most expensive printer, and the best materials.

The kit’s prototypes were made with a Wanhao Duplicator i3, based off the Prusa i3 version of the famous RepRap 3D printer. In case you don’t know what any of that means, just know that it isn’t exactly “top-of-the-line.” In fact, the Duplicator i3 is a popular hobbyist printer, and it has been carefully tuned to print good-looking and structually-sound prints even with cheap PLA plastic filament. So, if you’re worrying that the 3D printer you made your chassis with wasn’t “expensive” enough to make a “perfect” print, you should really stop that. As long as there were no errors during printing, and the results look at least vaguely similar to these pictures: [insert pictures here], you’ve probably done it just fine. And, even if it turns out things don’t end up fitting, even failed prints can teach you how to improve.

Anyway, the following assembly pages are designed to walk you step-by-step through the assembly of your kit, all the way up to turning it on for the first time.

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CodeRcar is an open-source project, released AS-IS, with no warranty (expressed or implied).

Have fun; learn something; be safe.

Sincerely, Matthew Piercey - Owner of Bot-In-a-Box Educational Robotics

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