To begin, make sure you’ve printed out at least the following pieces:

  • A Body
  • A Top Mount
  • A Battery Box
  • A Battery Box Lid

Additionally, the following materials will be necessary: (see the Materials page for more info)

  • A Raspberry Pi Zero WH (it’s just a Raspberry Pi Zero W with male headers soldered onto it)
  • 4 DC Toy Motors with a 120:1 Gear Ratio
  • 2 L9110 H-Bridge Motor Controllers
  • 8 10mm M2.5 Screws
  • 22 10mm M3 Screws
  • 12 Female-to-Female Solderless Dupont Jumper Wires (at least 20cm)

The following tools with also come in handy:

  • An M2.5 Screwdriver/Allen Key
  • An M3 Screwdriver/Allen Key
  • A J0 Philips Screwdriver (You could just buy a precision screwdriver set; chances are it would come with all three of these)

You will also need to solder male jumper wires onto each of the four motors in order to connect them to the Motor Controllers. More information about this process is available in the Motors page.

Now that you’ve collected all the pre-requisite parts, let’s begin!

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