Bill of Materials

This page is a list of materials that you will need to build your very own CodeRcar robot.

Every product link on this page points to an eBay listing, but you can also buy the parts you need on the Bot-In-a-Box Store. On the store you’ll also find links for many of the same products, if you go onto a given product’s page. To be honest, I would appreciate it if you bought the products you need from one of the eBay/Amazon links, and not from the store itself. (I make a bit of money off each sale either way, but with eBay/Amazon you don’t pay any extra because I don’t have to mark the orders up, and they’ll ship faster.) Anyway, that’s my little disclaimer. Enjoy CodeRcar’s Site!

It’s worth mentioning that CodeRcar is a DIY kit, and while it has been designed to be as easy to build as possible, the process is quite involved, and requires access to both a 3D printer and a soldering iron. It is recommended to read through at least the Printing and Assembly portions of this site before diving in and purchasing all the components you’ll need, if only to ensure you know into what it is you’re getting yourself.

The following items are necessary for building a CodeRcar Deci (basically the absolute minimum to get a CodeRcar up and rolling):

The following tools may also come in handy:

Now, these additional items are for making a CodeRcar Deka (the base and a couple of sensors):

Additionally, these items along with the ones above can be used to make a CodeRcar Hecto (the base, a couple of sensors, and more!):

And, if you want to take the Raspberry Pi Zero W out of its case and use it as a mini desktop computer (it’s not really meant for that, but don’t let that stop you), you might need these things:

Finally, if you want to just use the Pi Zero W with an older TV monitor that doesn’t support HDMI, you could try some of these (though only the ones that work with your particular setup):

Phew, all done! :)

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Some open-source projects have donation buttons, while others have links to the maintainers’ product wishlists. But, if you appreciate the work it took to create CodeRcar, consider the affiliate links like a combination of the two, except you get the things you need to build your very own CodeRcar.

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Have fun; learn something; be safe.

Sincerely, Matthew Piercey - Owner of Bot-In-a-Box Educational Robotics